Chats with the Chatfields

Ep 19: Top 5 Animal Stories of 2021

December 14, 2021 Dr. Jen the vet and Dr. Jason Chatfield Season 1 Episode 19
Chats with the Chatfields
Ep 19: Top 5 Animal Stories of 2021
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Everyone agrees that 2021 has been a year of...well, a year!  Dr. Jen the vet and Dr. Jason Chatfield get together to discuss their favorite animal stories from 2021.  From Bruce Wayne's adventures to a bright orange bat to Brood X, they count them down!  Join them for some feel good and funny news stories to brighten your day and the holiday season.
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Links to the stories mentioned in the episode:

Bruce Wayne's adventures:


New species discovered in 2021:

Zombie frog:

Brood X:

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Welcome to chats with the chatfields. This is a podcast to expand your idea of what impacts veterinarians, pet owners, and basically all animal lovers in the galaxy as humans! We are your hosts. I'm Dr. Jen


the vet. And I'm Dr. Jason.


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Okay, so we have we have a well we apparently


have an Instagram account. Yeah. We have we have we have all kinds of things we have all the things I see why you had your paper out because it's a new addition to the preamble there. Yes. Even caught me off guard. All right, let's go to go to our Instagram account. IG account. Oh, no. Give us a


follow on the IG if you would know we're gonna be posting all kinds of stuff you'll see behind the scenes stuff. You'll see clips from the show. Yeah, I've really grown to love Instagram.


I guess so. Yes,


I like it. Okay, so today we're doing a special show. Jason, can you guess what kind of show?


I have no idea. But I think anyone watching this can tell it's a special show. Setup. It's great. I mean, I still have my coffee and my glasses, but everything else is different. Yeah, same room.


I know. Right. I know. I feel kind of bad for the just audio folks right now because they're missing out. The video on the YouTube? Yes. So we're going to do a bit of an end of year review. I mean, the Christmas tree is behind us. So clearly, it's near the end of the calendar year,


this is going to be a performance review. No, I hope not. No, don't worry. Okay. Keep that private baby. The CO



hosts will remain the same. Oh, good. Okay. Okay. So what we want to do is, we'd like to reflect on the year number one, probably biggest news item for us was new show. We launched the new show. Huge item. Huge, huge. It's been super fun. We have to first say thanks to all of you out there for listening to us and letting us do what we love, which is bringing you good info and good news. Yeah, sit in the chair and talk and drink coffee. So I like to do that's right. Everyone has their superpower. Jason I'd like to do it. It's true. Okay, but what I want to do there's been some really crazy animal news stories in 2021 Don't you think?



I think there is every year right? Yeah, go back and look with this just a seemingly crazy funny interesting all kinds of stuff happening with with the animal world. Yeah,



so we're gonna do the top five. Kind of crazy funny, bizarre interesting Chatfield



stuff. Chatfield, Guinness top. No, no, no, no, like you're branded. Okay, great. Always be top five.



Always be branding, right? So we are gonna get to Chatfield the top five animal stories right after a break. Hang with us. With all the fuss happening in the pet food industry, why not invest in something to help guard against digestive health arrangements in your pet? Full buckets probiotics are formulated by veterinarians to support your pets normal digestive health, your pets gut microbiome is integral to their immune system performance. Why not add full buckets daily dog or daily cat probiotic powder to your pets daily routine? to curate protect, maintain and strengthen your pets microbiome. Visit full bucket Today to check out all of their veterinary strength supplements. Okay, all right. So here we are getting ready. Let's count them down. Chatfield top five. Hold



on. We're not getting ready. I told you once. I've told you 1000 times. We stay ready so we don't have to get



ready. All right, me. Okay. I got it. Y'all learn? Yeah. All right. Okay, so I'm gonna go first.



Yeah, you're gonna go first. Okay, this



is one of my favorite stories. I don't know how many of you saw it. So a dog and a tortoise. Who do you think gets



I saw this story? It's just hilarious. Okay.



And it includes a French Bulldog. So you knew I would like it. So a dog and a tortoise trapped underground. Together?



Yeah, maybe I heard a different story.



So there was so there was little pepper a little French Bulldog pepper named Bruce Wayne. Do you see why I like it. Yeah. named Bruce Wayne. We have a Batman ornament on the tree behind us, too. Yeah. In our friendship You're to see. Okay, so Bruce Wayne was a little puppy. This is out in Arizona and his owner he was out in the backyard and in his owner realized that she hadn't heard anything and went to bring him in and he was missing. She went nuts as any good French Bulldog owner would. She went nuts looking for him. She was calling neighbors she was about to really, you know, Calling all cars. And then she heard some muffle



was just the world's first and only trained French Bulldog.



No, okay. Sure. Yeah. Okay. Anyway, apparently Bruce Wayne was supposed to come back when called So anyway, the owner went outside and heard muffled barking and he was underground. So they had a pet tortoise in their family as well. Name. Yeah,



I'll get some sound effects. Okay. All right. Sorry. No, I'll let you finish the story.



Okay. The owner when outside heard muffled barking The family also has a pet tortoise named Bianca. And from the pictures I think it's an African spirit guide. But anyway, they dig these crazy burrows that go way down and make turns Yes,



awesome. Actually, you should tell them I don't know. But I'm a few I'm gonna tell them Big Bird They are digging machines. They are these little these little like spade shovels on their on their front arms and they dig and then a back into them. I've actually gotten inside of a whole tunnel like they gave me your big tunnels.



I went all the way down like all of me disappeared into it because someone said hey, have a look down there. I'll hold your feet.



You can't tell deep there because newsflash straight down to kind of at an angle and then it loses. You just kept going.



It did not hold my feet friends like you. When you hear these words. You should run anyway. Anyhow, so there was so I can I don't blame the Frenchie for I don't blame Bruce Wayne for heading down the tunnel. Anyway, so he goes down the tunnel. And apparently Bianca the tortoise said what you're doing in my house. So she went down the tunnel sprinted down. She did yeah. And you can't get around them. No, right. It's tortoise sighs the tunnel and then it turn around and face out. Right? Yeah. And so the tortoise decided that they were going to stay and poor Bruce Wayne was stuck. So anyway, so called the fire department who actually called wait for it. Or herpetologist. I want to know what herpetologist is on call for the fire department.



Apparently that's important situation in Arizona. Yeah,



I mean, and who knew to call a herpetologist? Yeah, I'm not sure. Okay. Anyhow, so like Goldstar Well,



it wasn't a fire. It wasn't a cat in a tree. It was a bit of a fire for Bruce Wayne. He wanted out you gotta do like the Chatfield show and call in an expert. Yeah. So



they dug strategically because the other thing is the structural soundness of every tunnel is not the same. Is true and if you have a cave in Yeah, you're in danger. What's happening. So anyway, so they dug strategically out pup Bianca and then boom, outpost popped Bruce Wayne and all was right with the world again.



That is her funny funny. You can imagine a couple of things here. But yeah, yeah. So the dog goes down. Yeah, right. Turns out because it's not just straight that they got little they got a little bulbous area gets right in the tunnel where they can kind of turn around. So dogu done turns around. And And why can you imagine tours run in there so fast. The dogs like just watching the tortoise like, Hey, you're gonna you're gonna come down here with me. It sounds like a lot of fun here. So just sitting there watching the tortoise walk slowly, slowly known to be fast, slowly down there and then says, or thinks I'm stuck here. How are we getting out friend? Yeah, yeah. And you can imagine the poor, the poor owner walking around here and that muffled bark? Oh my gosh, first thing that they thought about my dogs in the ground



that buried alive the crazy town anyway, but good for them. Everybody turned out okay. We bring you good stories here. Okay. All right. So that was like my like, that's mine. What do you have? What's next you got a story?



I have I have a story. But my favorite story is gonna be the final story. Okay, so I'm gonna let you go. Go next one more. And then Oh, you want me to do another one. I do another one. But I want to bring up the rear like, like, you know, as per the norm as per the norm. Dr. Jason flagging a full circle for all of our loyal listeners.



Okay, he's bringing it full circle, a little bit of foreshadowing. Well, now like I wasn't prepared. I'm like, I'm not sure which one I should do next.



Well, listen, I can do what I'm gonna talk about the candles, I guess. The camel Yeah, the camels, camels and a beauty contest. Right stunned silence. What camels and beauty contests and cheating all together and makes for a great story that happened? Yes. In 2020 2021. And of all places, Saudi Arabia. I believe that right, Saudi Arabia on paper, so I'm here with Saudi Arabia. Anyway, so there is a we've all heard the Westminster Dog Show, right? That's not a beauty contest. Those dogs are very pretty.



And we love Westminster here. Absolutely. AKC is a friend of the show. We love Louie. No, it's great. And you guys should check out AKC TV if you haven't great dog stuff there.



But this one is actually labeled A beauty contest for camels and their judges and they have their How good are the camels look so certain things about their home the way they didn't have the confirmation the way their skin lays on their body. I guess I don't really know the criteria because I couldn't get that far without laughing. I mean, have you seen a camel? I? Yeah, the first thing that comes to mind is gorgeous, right?



Well, I mean, cute. They have some incredible characteristics.



And looks are the top four. Well, they're



very, they're functional. Looks.



Right. In any case, stop it. Stop. Stop degrading the cameras. I think they look great. I love camels. But not all camel looks are created.



Not all peoples are created equal. This is a fact. This is a show.



But but this isn't any kind of, you know, Podunk little, little contest. There's something like seven, eight $10 million on the line. You're not not not all for this one contest, but as part of a giant festival. Holy moly. So whenever there's money humans are great, right? We're super greedy. There's a find ways to cheat. Now, what's funny is how do you cheat in a beauty contest? Wait



a second, wait a second. I don't want you to undercut the value of a beautiful camel. I think it's like, over $60 million in the purse. So I



had it wrong. I tried to remember but I sounded like too much. I just lowered a little bit. $60 million in the purse for all these contests. One of one of the major ones. Yeah, it's a beaut. The literally the



let me tell you, for $60 million dollars.



You find some ways to win. I could find me a beautiful camera. But the big thing is how they did it. Right. Yeah, you would think well, they put lipstick on it. they brush their hair. They do all kinds of crazy stuff. Not necessarily makeup, but they stretch their lips. They do stuff. And they use Botox. Oh sty I'm not kidding. They use Botox to get out this money to win. The contestants will tell you oh my gosh, it's not the money. It's not the money. It's the prestige of winning. So it's a very prestigious contest. But they were found out as most cheaters. Busted, and they are banned from the band forever been for ever. Wow. cheaters never prosper my friends. Imagine



the embarrassment of the camel.



Yeah, I'm pretty sure the camel didn't care for a while, but can you imagine Botox in your animal to win a beauty contest and then getting caught and having to admit that as hope I just think that's really funny.



I think it's funny too. But you know, what I love is I don't know if how familiar all the chatterboxes are with the value of a camel in certain cultures. Other countries for sure. Yeah, it's incredible, right? Because there's like these incredible creatures. They have incredible Abduch adaptations. I can't say the word incredible. One more time, I gotta come up with something else from a thesaurus. But that, you know, like they can close their nostrils off. So sand doesn't go in



consecration. If anyone's been around the camel. They I've never I've not met a lot of people who have been around camels who don't like them. They're just yeah, they're interesting animals. Yeah. All kinds of attitude. Right. Yeah. If you treat them right, and they're really smart. Yeah. And they're super tough. They have



incredible personalities, I think talk with great personnel. Yeah, yeah. You know, they recycle fluid. They just, they just have crazy adaptations to survive with not that much water or anything else or already doesn't mean that they're like Oryx. Right. You can feed them almost anything and they'll be fine. So yeah, okay, so,



Mo toxic Gamble's to win a beauty contest. That's one of my stories at the contest.



Right. And we should say that it's held in the capital of Riyadh. So it's not like this is like some fringe situation. Right. So this is a real legit.



I told you it wasn't a Podunk little No. 1000 roadside beauty contest. This is a major major $60 million you can imagine, right?



Yeah, I think that's pretty incredible. Okay, all right. Good on yet. Dr. Jason. I like



who's injecting the camels, right? They find someone to the doctors do it. I mean, I don't know if there's so much in this story. I wonder



forever. Who's coming up with that? Like, what like, what kind of situation provides the opportunity in a conversation to say, Hey, I'm gonna try some Botox in my camel. She got some wrinkles this year that I don't appreciate. We're gonna we're gonna clean that up.



$67,000,000.06 do it. Yeah, you put money out there. People do stuff. Yeah, that's interesting. I do not know if the camels were hurt by this. I don't think they were. It was Botox. I think that okay. Yeah. Gotta put that out there. No camels were harmed. And



as far as we know, as far as we know, yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. That's a good one. So that was a great one. And there you have it, friends. No one toot your own horn if you don't, okay. So the next one I have. You know, I'm here in the chat room. We appreciate unique looking creatures. I mean, we have Dr. Jason Bentley. That's correct. Okay. So there was Hmm, a number of new species that were discovered.



And why do you put it in this little quotes? Why are you putting them in quotes?



Air quotes are appropriate. Why? Well, because, okay, in this age of genetics and molecular,



oh my God, I feel like you're gonna delve off in this and I'll pull it back. I let it go for a little while then I'll pull it.



In molecular science. It's, it's the animals look the same. They've been the same species for ever since they were discovered for centuries. And then all of a sudden, some geneticist says up different species, little shift in the in the DNA right here different species, they look the same friends. And they can they can breed and produce viable offspring. Isn't that what we all learned as the definition of a new species? Species?



I agree with that. I have a lot. I've had lots of this isn't what the story's about. But I've had lots of discussions with geneticists about you know, how archaic they think that is. And then yeah, I like them. The great the smart people that do I couldn't do it then that they, they, they told me, I just tell them that you they say okay, so you're just looking for a job, man. You name everything. What would you do with we don't need genetics, but



that's that's why I say like an air quotes because sometimes they say it's a new species. And I'm like, No, for me, you discover new species by your somewhere in the jungle, and you find something no one's ever seen before. And to me, it's incredible that that still happens on this planet.



Now you don't necessary discover new species under a microscope or whatever, just right. Okay, I get it. There's two different schools of thought it's, like, new species.



Yeah. Like, I don't need PCR to discover a new species, right? I mean, no, are next gen sequencing or whatever, depending on who you talk to. Right. Okay. So let's get let me like not in friends. Yes. I have notes because they're



incredible. Okay, maybe since they're since you had us peace, maybe they're just variants of different already existing species.



There is that a reference variants on the timeline? It's okay. Okay, friends. This is a really cute one. scuze me, it's cute. I mean, it's cute. As cute as an octopus can be, although I do appreciate octopi because they're very smart. They're clever. They're cunning. They're like the orangutangs of the Deep Sea World. So the the Emperor Dumbo octopus, not a very nice name. No. Are we gonna get away with that in this day and age? We are. Okay. So also like, it's called the deep sea Dumbo. Oh my gosh. And this one, I'm gonna say some of these Latin names for you because they're pretty funny. So it's just why I made you do this one grim Poe tweet this Imperator, right? Yeah, they love it. Okay. And we're gonna put links down in the show notes for these, especially on the YouTube. Okay, so it lives more than 4000 feet underwater in the North Pacific Ocean. So it's one of the deepest living octopi that we know about. And it's sports to ear like fins on its head looking like elephant ears, right? Like Dumbo



ears. An octopus his head? Well, like a bulbous thing with Yeah, yes, it's the bulbous thing.



It's the bulbous part where you would think it's headed where his eyes are, I imagine where you may think they are. And this is kind of sad that although the octopus was dead when they pulled it out of the ocean, because that's how we discover all these deep living species, right? We don't find them alive because we can't even go down there. But it was dead. It washed up well.



Dark Pit could find some for sure.



Yeah, so they Dark Pit. So yeah, anyway, so they found it. Yeah, so now it's preserved intact because they were able to use MRI and stuff to have a look at it. Okay, the next one so



they haven't found one live yet. They just got this come floated up dead and that's what they got.



Yeah, but if you have one, it's likely you have more because he has parents. No, I get it. Okay. Yeah, just curious. What's like the giant squid. The eyeball floats up,



right? Is that what happens? Yeah, I never heard that. Yeah,



like find the giant I bought the check that out. A couple of years ago, they found one on the beach in Florida. Okay. This is another one that I really like the Nano chameleon. It was found in one of my favorite places on earth. Madagascar is little beauty. It's like maybe the smallest chameleon or smallest reptile. It's not quite as big as a little bit bigger than your fingernail. farm with a hand finger now. And here, Jason. You'll love it. They found to perfect and it was a pair. Oh, it was a pair in the mountain rainforest. It doesn't change color even though it's chameleon. Whoa. exception that makes the rule. But here's Are you ready for this? Yes, the male.



The male was with the male, very sexist.



The body of the one male they found is just 13 and a half millimeters long. But his genitals are 1/5 of his total body size. I'm sorry. What? Yeah.



Yep, that's pretty big. The truth of his body. Why is that?



I don't know ask him why. I don't I. I mean, how big is a female? The females larger,



but that doesn't make any sense anyway.



Well, you know, it's interesting, and we're going to move on now because the conversation will will like devolve. Okay. So many so many jokes to make, but this is a good family.



gipsy Dumbo nano chameleon with giant tests?



Yeah, yeah. Let's see. Here's one of these. It's a bumblebee. They they made a new a new Bumblebee species because the geneticists said that they are in two distinct genetic clusters. So we thought they were the same species for forever, but now they're two. Okay.



You're very excited about that one. Yeah. No, I'm



not. Okay. So I have like a couple more. I'm going through here production team gave us like a bunch. So I don't know if I'm gonna say this right. Everyone's so don't kill me on the internet. Solutions crate, denoted craters.



I do, actually. SeeSnake Well,



it is a great, thank you. But um, but super poisonous snake. Yeah, sorry. Yeah. Yeah, but they don't all live in the ocean. I don't know. Okay, so this is super venomous, right, very hot. And if anybody follows me on social like on LinkedIn, you know that I love really hot or venomous creatures that are really pretty and really rare. So this one fits all of the boxes, is named after by Tsushin which is a snake goddess and Chinese legend. But here's the thing. This is a super venomous, super deadly crate. This goddess is a deity of healing and true love.



You guys hear that? Someone's calling the Chatfield hotline. Not now



people not now we're we're on the show. Okay, so it's a snake goddess. Yeah, a snake goddess. That is known for two buys by Tsushin known for true love and healing. Oh, deadly snake after? No makes no anyway. So I think that's I think that's interesting. That's



a good one. This one's my favorite. But okay. You tell it because I want to talk about it. Okay. You want to talk about it? But I want to know which one do I do make comments?



Oh, okay. So then then they discovered a zombie from zombie frog.



You know who would love this? I don't know. Dr. Rose Salas. She would and why would you love this? Because she loves the Walking



Dead. Correct. best show ever? Yes. Okay, so anyway, so it's a zombie frog. It's a new in the snap to Ranis species. Ranas means frog, right? We know that. Now we do. Yeah, like because they get random virus. Again. Another factoid, okay. The Call of the mail can only be heard during or after heavy rainfall. And then to find them scientists dig them out of the ground using their bare hands during the rain. Were they in toward us holes? No. But they dig them up with their beer. I guess. So they don't kill them with a shovelers. I



don't know. I don't know what they're doing with their hands.



I think so they don't kill them. I mean, yeah. And then it's that's the scenario that led for them to be named the cars coming out



of the dirt. So I don't dig them up. I wonder if they kind of were I look around, right. And so did once. That's where they got the thing



there. Their Latin name is synaptic. Ranas zombie. How do you like that? That's fantastic. Yes, yes. We



love it up to rareness. Yeah.



And they're in South South America. Okay. Yep. Okay. All right.



We got what do we have? It's review real quick, because you kind of hit it with a lot of stuff. Yeah. Oh my gosh, there's more. We



have the Emperor. Dumbo octopus. Deep Sea Dumbo deep sea demo, but it doesn't change nano chameleon. Yeah, the snake. Yeah, solutions. Great. I think it's Tsushin Yeah. And then we have the zombie frog. The frog. Okay,



now with the red wasn't mentioned of The Walking Dead



obligatory hashtag best show ever. Yeah. Okay. Alrighty, then. And then so we then there's a giant bat. We can't talk about 2021 Without mentioning bats.



I thought we were past that. I don't know. But okay, right.



Okay, so, um, this is actually a an orange bat. It's the Mnemba mountain bat. Found in the



Nuba Mountains Navajo Mountain Washington. I found that over here though. Oh, what color is that brown dog? I don't know hay



production team cookie for Dr. Jason. Yeah, did good. Anyway, so he's got this like striking orange for it's pretty incredible. So we're gonna throw some pictures that are talking about me, you're gonna throw some pictures up in the video so you guys can see striking orange fur. They are one of two bat species that are found only in the Mnemba mountain range. So protecting them is you know You could look at it too, one of two ways. It's easy or it's hard. Yeah, bring the cookie Production Production done with the cookie. We have a cookie. He's getting a cookie. Look at this. My glasses. Awesome. We love it. Yay. Okay. Anyway, so giant orange bat. I kind of wonder, Jason, how did we not know that this bat was there?



I don't know. So, during this episode, we're talking about his new species. Can you read about these these factors? Yeah, you know, they always say it's hard to prove a negative because it's, it's pretty impossible. Right? Yeah. However, a lot of scientists agree that that we've only discovered one to 2% I don't even know what that how there's 9996 to 99% of the world's biodiversity yet undiscovered. I don't even know how that makes sense. Think about this. Think about that for a minute. Yeah. That all the animals that you know, yeah. Doesn't even constitute half of 1%. Probably. So it's just crazy. I'm sure that they start talking about, you know, microbes and stuff like that. But if you take those out, it's still something like 96% been discovered. Wow, we should make a movie about that where all the plants can kind of cure cancer and stuff like that.



Oh, yeah. I think I think they've tried that factor to do it or something. Yeah. Multiple times. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, well, I just think it's incredible. Like the you could imagine, imagine, like the Nano chameleon, kind of, you know, incognito for a while. And then you could also imagine the deep sea Dumbo, they didn't find that down there. Yeah, yeah. But bright orange bat. Well, listen,



it's like the old copy. Right? Yeah. It's not like it's at this giant animal. If you don't know, it's this huge, you know, a horse living forever. We didn't discover that thing until what early



two that I can tell you that when I think about that. But they're shy and they only live in that one area, the Congo giant animal or forest, you've been Nitori for us. One is not like it's 1720. Okay, that's true. It's true. It's true. All right, so Okay, so that's all like that's the new species out in discovery. Some



of our listeners have never heard the other by now. They probably have. I mean,



you know that the ad is caused interesting, right? Yeah. Okay, one more story.



I well, I you know, I have one more



Oh, you have the final Okay. All right. Well, let's do the what's what's the final?



i My favorite story of the pasty of 2021 Dr. Jason's favorite story you've already heard about. I spent a whole half an episode oh, about did you did it? Did I say enough for you to remember now? Is this the Qaeda Qaeda? Like it's the coolest thing in the world, I will reiterate these animals 17 years they spent underneath your feet. They'd been there the whole time burrowing doing not doing very much just waiting, oh, and growing when somehow across the United States they know every 17 years over a period of six weeks, which isn't very long. They all come out and there's a huge infestation and huge growth and bloom of cicadas is that



like is that like cicadas? Like conquered team sports before it



was cool. Yes. I mean, on non vocal communication again, come on. It's just Yeah, it really blows my mind that this happens and it only happens not only happens every year okay? Yeah, every so this and they named them brood. So I Oh, that's the brood. It's brood X but you're supposed to have root 10 Because they're all there on the brood X sounds so much and I said wrong for forever and every brood and whatever big shocker that says something wrong. So brood brood. 10 just just emerged with the emergence of brood 10 So not till you know 2030 2038 Right. 17 years, how many how old you are gonna be I found lucky. I'll still be around forever, right slowly. So I can't the camels are interesting. All the new species. That's all interesting, but I really thought the cicada story was Bruneck hops



for me. brood x for the wind brood. brood. 10 for the wind 10 For throw 10 for the wind. Yeah, good. Yeah, that's my story. And I'm sticking to it. You stick into it. Well, that's some pretty incredible stuff that went on all in one year.



Yeah, I mean, not as incredible as a new show.



Not as incredible as the new show. Yeah, yeah. All right. So I think that's all I have. Yeah,



I told you I was bringing up the rear



you were bringing a good job as per the US as per the US. So that's all we have for you. We will catch you guys in our second season. have chats with the chat field. But until then, you can find us on Instagram at Chatfield underscore show. And you can also find us at Chatfield Subscribe today. And I'm Dr. Jenn the vet and I'm Dr. Jason and we'll see you guys next season.



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