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Chats with the Chatfields

Dr. Jen the vet and Dr. Jason Chatfield

Welcome to Chats with the Chatfields - a podcast to expand your idea of what impacts veterinarians, pet owners, and basically all animal lovers in the galaxy - as humans! Hosted by Dr. Jen Chatfield and Dr. Jason Chatfield (they're not married, they're twins!), "Chats..." is the second podcast about animal care these veterinarians have created. "Chats with the Chatfields" is a People's Choice Podcast Award Top 10 nominee! Dr. Jen and Dr. Jason welcome all petlovers into the "Chat Room" to learn all about providing the best care to their furry family member. Join these unfiltered and genuine siblings as they invite their friends (and maybe some foes) to chat about interesting things from a slightly different perspective! To get in on the "chitty-chatty" email the fearless hosts directly: Or drop them a comment on YouTube channel! You can also find more about these two on Dr. Jen's YouTube channel: or on her website: https://DrJenTheVet.comPodchaser - Chats with the Chatfields
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