Chats with the Chatfields

BONUS Ep: LIVE from the IBPSA Conference!

September 27, 2022 Dr. Jen the vet and Dr. Jason Chatfield
Chats with the Chatfields
BONUS Ep: LIVE from the IBPSA Conference!
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Dr. Jen the vet and Dr. Jason Chatfield took "Chats with the Chatfields" on the road - LIVE!  As the keynote speakers at the 2022 annual conference of the International Boarding and Pet Services Association (IBPSA), our fearless twin docs were joined on stage by Cosette the farm fresh Frenchie.  In this uplifting and inspirational keynote address, not only do the Chatfields invite the more than 250 live attendees into the Chat Room, they share their unique take on culture in the office and dynamics of human interactions as reflected by the diversity demonstrated in the animal kingdom at large!  Do you work with an "orangutan?" A sea gull...or two?  Perhaps your Chief of Operations is a border collie?  Listen in to hear this optimistic take on the benefits of  a diverse team...

You can also check out the full video of the address on the Chatfield Show Youtube channel - and see all of Cosette's on-stage antics!

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 IBPSA Keynote 2022


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Tired of that song? That's right! nobody is It's the best song ever. Right



now, you guys may or may not know this, but you all have just entered the chat room. Welcome. Welcome do we Yeah. And we're like we hooked up with and we I don't think we alerted Carmen or anyone that ibpsa That's sort of how we roll. We are recording all of this today as a podcast. That's why Welcome to the chat room friends. We love it. Okay, see, I told you they would get it.



I got it. I'm just shocked. There's so many people here at 730am.



Dude, there's free food.



I know. But 730 It's great. Thank you for coming.



Yeah, so Alright, so are you ready? Let's do it. We're doing it. Okay. So thanks so much for having us. Number one. We cannot be more excited to be here at the ibpsa flow conference. Delivering heroes for healthy pets talking about infectious disease, which if you came yesterday, you know is my jam. And Jason tolerates me loving infectious disease.



like I told everybody I learned something from from that lecture every single time. Oh, you weren't in your room? I told them not to tell you. Yes, I do. It's a great, you'll learn so much. It's fantastic. If you didn't go yesterday, I highly recommend, at least for the first part. Stopped by three o'clock.



Come on. Come on. Anyway. So yeah, so it was a good time. And so we are excited to deliver this keynote here at the ibpsa flow conference. Yeah. And we're excited to see you. I'm Dr. Jen, the vet. And I'm Dr. Jason. And we are the co-hosts of chats with Chatfields. And if you ever want to reach us, and you have a message full of love and positivity. You can find me at



and as per the norm anyone else with some normal matches with some real life stuff. You can reach me at



Yes. And some of you may have heard about how many of you have heard our podcast.



Boom. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, the others.



You look a little sketchy. Okay. No. But anyway, so we're so excited that you have how many of you've watched our show on YouTube? Anybody? Okay.



Thank you. Again, the others.



I know, I was a little concerned that all 25 views on YouTube are coming from Stephanie Shipley's family. Just a little bit. Okay. But unless you've been living under a rock these days in the animal industry, we you know that we're twin veterinarians,



but please, please don't hold that against us. Either the twins or the veterinarian part It's fantastic. Don't hold it against us.



But you may not know that we're actually also both zoo vets.



Why do they care? Why would anyone care? That was you beds. Well, what? Why?



Do y'all care? Do what she does. She's got her hand up, like big back there. And then she got a good reason. Okay. So here's, here's why you care. Because that means we don't discriminate. We don't discriminate. We see a mall. We don't discriminate among the species. No species doesn't I



get it, I get it. I gotta explain that I get it. It's important that I get it. We see many different types of animals we didn't. I think for the first time in a while, I'm picking up what you're laying down there. Dr. Jenn I got it.



Hey, this the 70s called okay. We have very much both of us, actually, in all seriousness, come to appreciate how Mother Nature truly provides many unique creatures with different characteristics and personalities within the animal kingdom. And recently, I came across this article, and



I'm sorry to interrupt all the time. It's what I do. It's my only role is to interrupt her and kind of make it normal for people. Here, here. Here is what happens. Dr. Jen sits at home finds an article to read. Have you guys ever read not just an article in Time as scientific argue has ever read a scientific article? Not fun? Not I stopped reading a long ago. She reads it. She understands it. And then she immediately calls me on the phone says hey, let's do an episode on this. And it doesn't matter what it is because she has all the information. Sometimes she shares it with me. Sometimes she doesn't.



Yeah, well, I don't have to share this information. But here's what happened. Some of you may have seen it because it came out like maybe about a year ago. And it was an article about how the Russian army was releasing like a Russian military was releasing like 100 beluga whales. Does anybody see that? Anybody remember that whole story? Any marine mammal Lubbers? Nobody.



You see what I'm saying? Okay, well, no. Big deal, but it is cool. First of all, who has



100? Relief? Come on? Yeah, that's a lot. And so, here's the other thing. And you know, Jason didn't see it because it wasn't in Sports Illustrated, correct. Okay. It was not. It wasn't it could have been but it was it. If you know anything, anybody here worked with marine mammals. Anybody know anything about whales? Okay, well, let me i, we got a couple of people. But so the three of us are now the experts here. Tell me if you agree with me or not, beluga whales. If you're gonna pick a marine mammal to be a spy, or do anything with the military, you ain't picking the beluga whale? What? No beluga whale? Because they can't focus their Super Chat, they will tell the whole world their business. Oh, not a good sign. That's a beluga whale. Right? And they're a little bit like I'm going to put you guys will get this being in the pet injures a squirrel. Squirrel. Did you see the squirrel? Did you see the squirrels over there? That's the beluga whale. Okay,



hey, not a good spy.



Right. And so what we decided to do today for you is at the flow conference, because we know this is all about moving forward and all about leadership is in a very non scientific way somewhat content free. We've come up with corresponding human personalities for different creatures in the animal kingdom, and how we think a typical staff in 2023. Might might look



in other words, what it would look like if animals actually held a job. Okay. So if you don't understand you will very shortly Yes.



Okay, so our first employee, these are the beluga whales. Look at them, paying no attention and we get



it Ah, nothing.



Do you would pick a dolphin. If you had to pick a spy, you're picking a dolphin, because they're focused. They know what's happening. They're going to accomplish the task and come on back and say, mission accomplished leader. What's next? That's dolphins. Right? Well, the very first thing that I thought of about having in an office is an African Wild Dog. And



that's the first thing I thought about. Yeah, African wild. But why is that?



Well, because in truth, you wouldn't have one that come in a pack that come in a pack. Right? Thank you. She's agreeing upfront. And I don't even know her. I didn't pay her. But they come in a pack. They live in these massive packs of like, 60. They are the most socially complex of all of the animal kingdom. That's a fact. You could look it up on the internet, which means it must be true. And they know all of the sophisticated nuances for social interaction. They have half steps in their pack hierarchy.



What exactly is a social half step?



I don't I don't know. But I think you're on one. Ah, I think that's a fact. So anyhow, so yeah, so I think they would be they should be harnessing this in the State Department and part of our diplomatic corps. That's the African Wild Duck



for sure. Okay, don't with the African Wild Dog. Yeah. Okay. So I of course, thought of a few. Right. And so mine is this guy, right? Who doesn't love an orangutan? Right? Big, gentle giants. The red eight. These guys are awesome. Except they're sort of loners, right? They kind of they kind of hang out by themselves. They hate to be on a team. They're happy work in the normal group, but they hate to be on any kind of extra team, any kind of project team. They don't come to any social interactions. They don't even come to lunch. And everybody knows lunch is the social activity for the day in the office. Right? So if you're not gonna go there, you're never gonna go and they never say never. They occasionally go to lunch, but it's always with the requisite untucked shirt. untied shoe messy hair because they're a bit. They're a bit of a slob. Look at this guy, right? He's a bit of a slob. Right? Now I have to preface this.



It's totally him who shows up to the keynote wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Okay.



On top that is not fair. As per the US. You look great, right? And you said we were doing a podcast and I did like we're doing a podcast so I listen. You're looking at your pants on podcast just sitting here with my with my nice shirt. This is a nice shirt by the way. It is it's just Hawaiian get back to the back to the deal. Yeah. So breakfast the rest of these things with Listen, we're not making fun of any of your coworkers. And you guys nod your head. Everybody knows somebody who represents the Iranian everybody in your office in your office or where you are maybe other places. And I don't recommend you go right to him. And name names.



Don't look across the



table, they'll know. And just because they're a slob and they're alone, and they're still an essential part of the team, all of these they all mesh together, they have to be there for the team to kind of work



just because that's fascinated. She wants to know what he's getting to eat sort of. Yeah, okay. So here's here is what I think every office has. One is a French Bulldog. This is the person in your office that loves the Monday and the Tuesday and the Wednesday. They're little partial Thursdays, and they do dig a Friday, right? They live everyday. That isn't why they wake up happy that the world exists just for them. Right? They're great. They're not necessarily the leaders. Could be if you needed someone to lead the parade on a Wednesday, right? They're just living large. And they're very confident and comfortable in the skin they're in, right. I mean, everyone you guys have seen cars that run around the conference the last day or so. Everyone should be feel as comfortable in their own skin on their on their best day as she feels on her worst day. Right? She's very comfortable. That's the French Bulldog.



Correct. And again, these guys have to be in your office that I know you should strive to be this person, right? Just kind of happy to be there. We all love our job. It's a day to get up and go do a good job.



Yes, right. And here. Do you guys anybody know what disease she's campaigning to be the poster dog for? Left? That's got it. I was very nicely. Yes, we're doing



happy dog. We have a cat. Right? My favorite kind of cat. This is a Persian. This cat is looking pretty pretty fancy in that outfit. But these guys are the aloof coworker. Right? Not necessarily alone or like the rainbow kind of aloof. Although I had a thought Doxygen I had thought, holy. Even novice correct. But, but maybe they're not so aloof. And you guys don't tell me or think about it. If you put yourself out. Maybe these co workers aren't necessarily aloof. Hello. Maybe they just don't know what's going on. There. They don't really follow the conversation very well. But rather as the saying goes, yes. Then open their mouth and prove it to the world and they just stay quiet and kind of kind of be aloof instead. So that's true. Everybody's got everybody knows one. Everybody's got



one. Yes, definitely. I've worked with some persons. All right. Ready yourselves. Here comes the leader. Are you ready, everybody? Here we go. Border Collie. All right border collie before I had because at the farm fresh French see Frenchie. I had working Border Collie. Yes. Where you had a pendulum swung too far. Yeah, Daisy worked sheep and goats



were in like Central



Texas. And then she heard it every other creature she saw too. But anyway, Border Collies they're incredibly focused. Right? They have an ability to focus all the time. They're gonna get it done. Even at the office party. Are we having a good time? This is a great party. Is it working? Okay, it all came off. Well, didn't it? Did you notice how everything matches? Right?



For sure. It didn't ever metaphorically. That's when I look at this guy. He's just running around like, Oh, yes. 100% of their doing they do not stop.



No, but but it can be overwhelming. Cannot. can these people be exhausting? They can. They can. 100% But



you still need them?



Oh, yeah, she doesn't like that. Okay, so we'll get rid of the Border Collie because she's gonna go get him.



Dole isn't my favorite. I'm finally gonna do this. And okay, this is a seagull if you guys didn't know Zack get over here he goes are in the office. They're everywhere. They're in my business. They're in your business. They're in your business. Yeah, they're in the couches business. They're telling you, everybody, everybody else's business. They pop up everywhere. I don't know what's happened because that I don't even



know because that has now gone behind the stage. She's dropped her mic. She's done six moves. Because we said the Frenchies weren't the leader. But anyway, so



sequels are good. However, thanks to the miracle of modern movies and television, I can only think of a few words when I see seagulls any where they may want to guess. My mind. My mind. They are swarming all over the place and everybody else is not necessarily in a bad way. Yes, sometimes in a bad way because there's sort of the gossip of the office right? They are the guys talk to you that like a sale. You can sometimes use that to your advantage. But yeah, you know, they keep everybody they're like to go Do they kind of keep everybody happy and



we had a cat like that on the farm. If you started doing something outside because she was indoor outdoor, she had no claws, but you wouldn't know it because you never got close enough. She was so nasty. And she would everywhere you were doing something you would hear this meow behind you after you've been there a few minutes. So we called her the feline police. Right. Nothing went on at the farm that she didn't know when she come running after you. She climbed a six foot chain link fence one time, just to try to get over to see what I was doing. She was fabulous. She was a secret. She was a seagull, but well, she loved me. She didn't like anybody else. Okay. Also, in many offices, you have a meerkat. Or to these, you're gonna like I'm ready. No, no. What do you have are 12 words. I've actually only ever worked with. Well, that's true. One time I was in an office where we have whole whole office full of meerkats. I stayed for two weeks. Because these are folks who are kind of with that old silo mentality. And they are guarding their territory. Their turf, right. They don't want anybody look you you look this my project. You stay over there. I'm doing this. I don't need help. Eyes on your own work is work. 100% That's right. That's that's Meerkat. And they're, they're constantly on the lookout for it. I also think of that commercial. Stay in your lane, bro.



These guys are a little bit paranoid.



A little bit paranoid. A little bit paranoid. But yeah.



Is that really? Is it really paranoia? Yes. They're coming after



you. If they're really coming after you is it really figured out? Yeah, so the meerkat. So let me since I know that y'all are right now wondering



why we room? So we talked about a few animals again, the personality? What on earth does this have to do? With an office? An office space, a work environment? I have no idea.



And why would it be a keynote at the ibpsa conference, right. And some of you were just looking at cassette, and you've tuned us out. And that's okay, too. It's why we bring her she's part of the team. She stays in her lane. But one of the things in the world today is that we don't really have this generic, shared experience that many of us had in generations before. And especially holy moly, with the last two years with the pandemic, everyone had a different experience, everyone had a different reaction. Depending on where you live, sometimes in the same town, people on different sides of town had a different experience. But that shared human experience is what used to make us able to really work well together. Yeah, it seems like it used to be easier to get your team on board, and to work together and pull in the same direction. But what our point is, with all of this, and what we hope all of you maybe start to reconsider is that just because we don't have all the same backgrounds, and cultures, characteristics, and all of that doesn't mean that you can't come together and work as a team in the workplace. You really have to leave that guy in his lane, bro. Do not ask, Do not ask the Ranga tang to do something that's impossible for them, like, tuck in their shirt every day on their own, without anyone reminding them.



Again, I'm not sure why you're looking at me.



And be cognizant of that. Because just as your office comes together from all different places to work together, you can leverage those strengths. And yes, the strengths and weaknesses and take them into account. But I think with the caveat of don't ask them to do something that's impossible for them. We do that all the time with the animals we take care of right. If you ask a Frenchie to pay attention, and a roomful of 150 of their mom's new best friends. This is not going to work out trainers, please don't raise your hand look. But you see what she's doing. Right? And so it would be impossible for me to expect her to just sit right here. Well, not impossible trainers, I feel Yeah. But her natural instinct is to be it everything and greet everyone as you come in. So now that she's calm, I could ask her to do that. But that's recognizing her situation. Her background, her personality, her culture, her people,



right. And so really just asking everyone to recognize that not everybody had shared experience. Everybody's different. Everybody has different personalities or have different strengths, different weaknesses. Some of us have no no weaknesses. But you got lucky to have those guys in your office. So recognize everyone had that guy in their office, you know, exploiting their strengths and minimize your weaknesses right?



Yeah, and together They all produce the animals all produced this fabulous place for all of us to live. Right. And so, perhaps it's time for all of us to begin to accept the orangutangs and the French cheese. And the Border Collies



sometimes outside the office place. Sometimes a family member focused focus Border



Collie. Yes. And the Persians. Why are you looking at the end the versions and learn to go with the flow a little bit more often?



Go with the website again, go with the one



go with the flow, Carmen, where are you go with the flow more often in your workplace, because the animals needed. They need us all to do that.



And by animals remain the staff. Making sure these guys are getting it,



and the animals and the animals. And so that's what we have for you today. Because we believe that's a very important thing. We also think it's the key to a happy and productive business life. Thank you so much.



Thank you very much for coming out this morning. Enjoy your breakfast. We have a little presentation coming up.



We do and got the NBS after this. We're going to take a short break. I'd love to hear more. Dr. Jan, I'm so sorry. But also thank you ibpsa for having us for having us. You can find us at Chatfield. and we hope you'll tune in if you haven't already. Thanks so much. And for PAC listeners, oh, he turned me off.



But not me. Pac listener,



listeners. Here's your CVV code for your credit. And I think we're race Yeah, for race listeners too. We're partial to pack that. There you go.